Online teaching platform

The project

The HeroSpark app was created to facilitate the access to online courses through a simple and intuitive interface, where users can absorb new content through texts, videos, e-books, audios and other interactive formats. HeroSpark also provides to the students a feature to user track their development and progress in their course activities. The app was made thinking that the users can study at their own pace, attend classes at any time of the day, wherever they are and whenever they want. Herospark has already helped more than 1,600 businesses, created more than 200 thousand courses and has already passed the mark of 5 million students.


The challenge of this project was to create a good mobile experience for students. Bringing all the benefits that a native app can have, the app allows users to download classes to study every time and everywhere. We created dozens of components to be used across the app.

Thinking beyond

The app idea is to be modular and adaptative, so we created a design system to help creating new features when needed. It's also possible to generate a custom app for each school inside HeroSpark, using a term that we call White Label.