Social network and medical organization tool for pets.

How it started, Mocka's first own project.

Flockr was created in 2015 when we were students at Apple Developer Academy, as an app for an activity, it was only a social network. After some years when Mocka was founded, we always saw Flockr as a potentially good product.

Product conception.

The Pet market is super relevant today, but just a social network wasn't enough for a product, so we started to study deeply the market. We found that Pet Care is a growing market for pets, and decide to focus on it.


After a LOT of time prototyping our app, designing the features, we released a strong and powerful product. Flockr helps pet owners with a lot of features: digital vaccination card, pet's weight history, reminders of medications and wormers, schedule of visits to the vet and pet-shops, health records of all pet's, share pet's guardianship with the whole family, and more!