Helping divorced parents take care of their kids

The project

Filhos em Dia is a tool that allows you to have all the information related to children in the palm of your hand and to be able to share it with other caregivers, such as drivers, nannies, grandparents ... who help so much in daily tasks, bringing security and tranquility to parents. From the idea, we developed this mobile app to be shared with all family members. There is no limit on events, notes, tasks, or contacts to have total security and flexibility in the kid's care.


The challenge of this project was to understand how families work for their own organization. From that, we needed to create a tool that really matters, because the main focus of this app is to help the parents that are divorced. So we create a kind and calm interface that induce people to share their kid's information.


As the main goal of the app was to create a connection between families to help them work together for the kids, so we create a tool that allows people to invite every family member to the app and see their kid's calendar, emergency contacts, news, and more!