A complete guide to clinical decisions

The project

Artmed+Clin is a modernized version of the clinical decision books. It brings together all the book`s content of one of the biggest publishing companies and tools to easily find and discover the content. The idea of the product comes from 4 best-seller books that helped thousands of doctors across Brazil. Artmed+Clin provides features to help daily problems that doctors can step by, and they can find everything that they need in a simply, direct and safe way. The content includes: Diseases, Signs, Symptoms, Tests, Drugs, Medical Calculators, and much more.

Unique experience

Users linked to the health area, mostly doctors, are the focus of the product. The user experience and the look of the application underwent critical evaluation by these users, undergoing constant improvement. Research was carried out with similar products, with the intention of providing us with interesting features to implement.

The same app, another segment

Artmed, the main source of training and updating in mental health now in the palm of your hand! Artmed+PSI was created to facilitate your decision making in the daily clinic. It brings together the contents of three bestsellers in the area, in addition to guidelines specially developed by Brazilian experts. This entire arsenal is integrated with robust search tools, calculations, decision trees, among others.

Escalable development

Our development team always think one step ahead when creating a new app. We make sure that we can reuse most of the features when needed, without the extra work of starting everything from scratch. Artmed+PSI is a perfect exemple where we were able to bring a new life to the app with just a few tweaks.


Users needed a Home screen to access all of the app's content. The application needed to be simple and straight forward. Different colors were adopted to identify categories of content, facilitating identification and search. The search filter was designed to not only facilitate the advanced search, but also to allow the user to preserve the filter settings, helping users who always need to perform the same type of search.